Prepaid SIM Card – Unlimited Internet Data USA, 5GB Free Roaming Canada and Mexico – Unlimited Calls & Texts


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Product Description

“American Travel Sim is an authorized dealer of PRE-PAID sim cards for the T-Mobile Network in the USA

Key Points:

Unlimited Internet Data at 4G/LTE speeds on the T-Mobile Network in USA.
Free roaming in Canada and Mexico up to 5GB (Surf speeds throttled after data cap is reached in Canada and Mexico).
Hotspot / Tethering possible from compatible smartphones with data limit set by the original data plan. (Compatibility with Wi-Fi routers is possible with some models, but it is not guaranteed).
Unlimited local Calls and Text within USA, Canada and Mexico.
Unlimited International Text ( SMS ) to the world.
Plan Valid for 15 days upon its activation.


Activation can be completed before your travel on our website in 3 easy steps.
Instructions will arrive with your Sim card in English.
24/7 Customer Care in English.


Triple-Format sim card: Mini (Standard), MIcro, Nano. Works with all unlocked GSM phones that are compatible with US frequencies. Some European smartphone models are made to work only in the European region and may not be compatible with North America frequencies.
To obtain the best experience using the T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network your phone must support all following three frequencies or at least one in order for your phone to work appropriately.

Band IV (also called AWS or 2100/1700 MHz)
Band II (also called PCS or 1900 MHz)
Band 12 (also called 700 MHz)

Before buying make sure that your phone brand and model is compatible with these frequencies. You can check the compatibility at”


  • Surf the internet, call and text immediately after your arrival. Plan valid for 15 days upon its activation.
  • Unlimited  Data in the United States at 4G/LTE and Free roaming in Canada and Mexico up to 5GB. (Hostspot capable – see details below).
  • Unlimited local calls and texts within the USA, Canada, and Mexico. 
  • Unlimited International Text (SMS) to the world.
  • Triple Format SIM card: Mini / Standard, Micro, Nano.
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