Doro PhoneEasy 311c Big Button Corded Telephone (White)

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  • BIG BUTTONS & LOUD AND CLEAR SOUND: The PhoneEasy 311c features large, widely spaced and concave buttons for easy dialing. Volume buttons let you easily adjust the handset volume to get a loud and clear sound.
  • HAC: The handset has a built-in hearing loop for those who wish to use their hearing aids while using the telephone. Select the T mode on your hearing aid to enable this feature.
  • MEMORY: The telephone has 3 one-touch and 10 two-touch memories. One-touch memories are stored in M1, M2 & M3, two touch memories are stored using the telephone keypad digits 0-9.
  • REDIAL BUTTON: If the number dialled is engaged or you wish to dial the last number called, lift the handset and press and release the redial button.
  • VISUAL RING INDICATOR: This home telephone features a flashing light on the top right corner when receiving an incoming call.
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