Denver BAS-18250M Senior Big Button Mobile Phone – 2-3 Week Battery, Extra Loud Speaker, Easy ON/OFF Bright Torch, Talking Keypad, Bluetooth, Emergency SOS Button, Speed Dial – Red

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Product Description

Easy to use, easy to see and easy to hear.

Extra-large 1500mAh high quality battery substantialy reduces charging requirements. Charge once every 2-3 weeks.

Upgraded loud speaker means that when the phone rings you wont miss it. Easily use Hands free calling on loud. Choose from 5 ‘ringing phone’ tones or 2 classical music ring tones. Use integrated radio via built in loudspeaker for portable radio out in the garden.

We’ve chosen contrasting colours for background and text to make text highly visible. Text is large and bold too to increase visibility. Choose a background from 3 built in colours or 1 image… or load your own image.

Read aloud capabilities for the main menu titles and for phone numbers. Set the phone to read aloud incoming call phone number, read aloud a contacts phone number or read aloud numbers when dialling using the keypad.

Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds. Depending on preferences set, alert family members via text and / or phone call as well as sound a personal alarm via the integrated loud speaker.

Easy to use slider switch on side of phone to switch on / off the torch. Very bright torch, perfect for winter evenings.

Connect to a car hands free system, Bluetooth ear piece or other Bluetooth device.

Integrated radio that can be listened to using the fantastic built in loud speaker.

Plus there is Backlit Keyboard, Dual Sim, 5 Reminders (can be set to repeat daily, weekly or just one specific day), Image Viewer, Sound Recorder (use it as a Dictaphone), MP3 Player & Video Player.


  • HUGE 2-3 WEEK BATTERY LIFE – The 1500mAh battery gives the BAS-18250m a bigger battery than nearly all its competitors and means it has incredible standby times. Leave the phone unused with no need to charge for 2-3 weeks!
  • BIG BUTTONS, EXTRA LOUD SPEAKER, BIG FONT WITH HIGH DEFINITION COLOURS & EASY READ TEXT – Simple to use, big button senior mobile phone designed with amazing high volume & definition speaker. No more struggling to hear mobile calls, incredible unbeatable volume when using handsfree calling. High definition screen background & text colours chosen specifically to make text stand out to help the visually impaired. 1.77 inch colour screen
  • MENU OPTIONS & CONTACT NUMBERS READ ALOUD – Have the phone read aloud which menu option you are on or which numbers you are dialling. It can also read aloud incoming call phone number. Or choose standard audio beep feedback when buttons are pressed
  • SOS BUTTON WITH TEXT ALERT, CALL ALERT AND PERSONAL ALARM PLUS 9 SPEED DIAL SPACES – Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds. Phone can be set to emergency text 3 contact numbers first, it will then attempt to call each of your 3 emergency contact phone numbers. The phone can also be set to sound a personal alarm via loud speaker when SOS button is initiated. Assign up to 9 numbers for speed dial to keypad numbers
  • SUPER BRIGHT TORCH, BLUETOOTH & MORE – Easy to use side sliding button to turn on very bright torch. Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, sound recorder, calculator, setup to 5 reminders, supports dual sim, add extra memory via micro SD card & MP3 player. Does not support 3G (no Three network or other 3G only networks). All standard networks supported (such as O2, Tesco, Vodaphone, EE etc) using standard 2G calling plan (pay as you go or monthly contract). Takes standard sized sim card
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